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Welcome to Cloud Camp™ by VMware

Cloud Camp is a free technology education program built by a team of expert instructors.

As cloud adoption grows, Cloud Camp provides a learning path to expand your skill set, regardless of where you are on your cloud journey.

We created Cloud Camp because we wanted to help IT professionals expand their knowledge and get practical experience in using cloud.

Learning new technologies can be challenging and we wanted to break it down into easy-to-understand concepts and in an accessible way so that you can relate them to your day-to-day operations.

Cloud Camp is designed with courses for all skill levels from your first cloud instanced to advanced cloud admins featuring VMware Cloud, modular and multi-cloud services for every application.

Courses will range from environment configuration, workload migration, cloud operations, to native public cloud service integration.

If you find yourself eager to learn more about Cloud but you’re short on time, Cloud Camp was made with you in mind.

We invite you to create your own profile on Cloud Camp to track your progress, save your favorite courses and lessons, earn achievements, receive alerts when new courses are available, and more.

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Don’t see the topic or course you’re looking for on Cloud Camp? Drop us a line to let us know! We’re always collecting requests for new topics as we continue to expand the Cloud Camp course catalog. Enjoy the journey!